RTU Enamel Powder

RTU Enamel Powder

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RTU ( Ready-To-Use) Enamel Powder

Our RTU Enamel powder is pre-milled powder containing enamel frits, enamel pigments, and mill additives, ready to use for wet enameling application. The use of RTU enamel powder eliminates the need for costly milling equipment, by skipping the milling room altogether. The enamel slip is easily prepared by simply mixing the powder with water.

The advantages of our RTU enamel powder include easier storage, less weight manipulations, less wastewater and lower energy costs. Almost every enamel frits formula can be made to RTU powder. Our technical expertise and know-how allow us to tailor each formulation for optimum performance within customers operating conditions for different solution options.

RTU Powder for Cast Iron Ground Coat Frits
RTU Enamel Powder for Oven/Trays/Grates
RTU Enamel Powder for GFS (Glass-Fused-Steel) tanks
RTU Enamel Powder for Water Heaters Tanks
Anti-fishscale RTU Enamel Powder for Steel Plate