Enamel Frits

Enamel Frits

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Ground Coat Enamel Frits

Ground coat enamel frit is used in forming the primary coating layer where frit is coated on the surface of metal at a high temperature. It is well fused on the surface of a steel plate to realize the smooth surface and should be equipped with sufficient liquidity and appropriate coefficient of expansion that can prevent twisting after cooling.

Ground coat enamel frit layer has a great effect on products. It has various functions according to the use, and an appropriate ground coat enamel frit product can be chosen and used according to purposes. Usually we use the ground coat to make cookware, stove grill, and panels.

Since Ground coat enamel frit includes metallic oxides to fuse and coat enamel on the surface of a steel plate, it generally turns blue-black.

Co-Ni Ground Coat Enamel Frits
Sb-Mo Ground Coat Enamel Frits
Ni Ground Coat Enamel Frits
Direct-On Bright/Matt Enamel Frits
Direct-On Acid-Resist Enamel Frits