Inorganic Pigments

Inorganic Pigments

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CICP Complex Inorganic Color Pigments

Complex inorganic color pigment CICP (also known as MMOP:Mixed Metal Oxides Pigment) is crystallized color compound in solid solution produced by the calcination of two or more kinds of metal oxides at a very high temperature.

It has excellent characteristics in weather resistance, optical resistance, high temperature resistance, acid alkali resistance, chemical resistance, strong covering power, environmental protection and non -toxic, non -migration, non -coloring, easy dispersion and so on. 

It can be widely used in enamel, plastics, paints & coatings, glass, ceramics, constructoin, and other fields.


Ti-Cr Brown
Cas No. 68186-90-3
Ti-Ni Yellow
Cas No.8007-18-9
Bi Yellow
Cas No. 14059-33-7

Co Green
Cas No. 68186-85-6

Co Blue
Cas No. 1345-16-0
Cu-Cr Black 
Cas No. 68186-91-4